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Volume 5, No. 1

1. The Nature of Power and Factors Shaping Nigeria’s Foreign Policy By Sunday Owen Abang, PhD

2. Inter Group Conflict in Jos, 1947 – 1991: Beyond Ethno-Religious Explanation By Sunday Owen Abang, PhD

3. A Study of the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan And Conflict Management By Chibuzor C. Nwobueze, PhD 

4. Funding of Political Parties in Nigeria: Implications for Party Politics Stability By Abraham T. O. Stewart, PhD 

5. How to Curb Acts of Impunity by the Nigeria Police Force against Defenseless Citizens By Agha Eresia-Eke PhD 

6. Exploring the Concept of Art Theories and Art Practice in Africa By  Sotonye Allen Orubu

7. The International Community, Corruption and Challenges of Whistleblowing in Nigeria By Adeniji, Adeyinka Samson, PhD   

8. Improving the Quality of Nomadic Education in Nigeria for Value Reorientation and National Development By Emmanuel C. Ibara, PhD 

9. From Stunted Vision to Aborted Mission: Critical Appraisal of Infrastructures and Due Process in Nigerian Educational System By Musa Salihu Ibori. PhD 

10. Joshua’s Declaration (Joshua 24:15) Religious Authenticity in Nigeria in the Face of Syncretism, Hypocrisy and Conversion By Eluke, Patrick 

11. Ex-Slaves and Christian Presence in Nigeria By Wilson Eze Ehianu, PhD 

12. Expression of Niger Delta Colourful Scenery: A Studio Exploration with Enamel Paint Report By Sotonye Allen Orubu


14. The Law as a Tool in the Eradication of Corruption in Contemporary Nigerian Society. By Barr Emmanuel Imuetinyan Obarisiagbon 

15. The Contributions of Leopold Von Ranke and Leonardo da Vinci in the Development of Scientific History and Art History By  Amadi, Chidi

16. Design History Study and Technological Transformation in Nigeria By Ajie, Orike Ngozi, 

17. Historicizing the Action Film Genre in Nollywood: A Critical Reading of Teco Benson’s Mission to Nowhere. By Iloma Nyenwemaduka Richard 

18. The Impact of Social Welfare Policies and the Menace of Insurgence in Nigeria By Osagie Joseph Egharevba 

19. Philosophy: A Pathway to National Security in Nigeria By  Ijeoma Ene, M.A. 

20. Sales of Land in Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality: A Response to Changing Pattern of Land Tenure System and Acquisition By Mbadiwe Jeremiah PhD 

21. From the Lagos Plan of Action (LPA) to the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD). What Went Wrong? By Chris Akani

22. Towards A Feminist Theatre in Nigeria: ulie oh’s Closed Doors Examined By John Ebimobowei Yeseibo, Ph.D 

23. The Role of Labour in Agricultural Production in Colonial East and West Africa. By Preye Torru Dr, Preye Toru

24. Miss Sophie Odunlami-Ajayi: The First Apostle of Divine Healing In Yorubaland By Olugbemi Victoria Kikelomo PhD 

25. Tithing In Contemporary Christian Discourse: A New Testament Perspective By Bismarck Nosakhare Efe