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Volume 6, No. 3

1.  Indigenous Training and Learning Among the Agbaelu People of Central Igboland, Nigeria By Nneka Basilia Duruoma  

2. ‘‘ONWE’’ AND ITS UNIQUENESS IN IGBO CONCEPT OF THE SELF By Charles Ikechukwu Okoro, Boniface E. Nwigwe (Prof.) & Christian C. Emedolu, Ph.D 

3. British Incursion and the Establishment of Colonial Rule in Ekitiland 1893- 1958 By Jonathan Oluropo Familugba, Rotimi Omonijo & Olatomide Emmanuel Babalola

4. Global Trends In Social Ethics and Development Towards Cybercrime in South West, Nigeria By  Folorunso, Christianah Omowamide & Ogunbayo Segun 

5. Consequences of Unemployment Among Graduates By Augustine N. Anyamene PhD 

6. Federal Character Principle as an Instrument of National Integration in the Nigeria Public Bureaucracy  By Philomena .I. Urhoghide & Maria Oyedeji 

7. Indigenous African Religions as an Antidote to the Problem of Corruption: An Expose’ of the Nigeria Situation  By Valentine Adetayo Inagbor 

8. Symbolism in Ali-Isiokpo Priesthood By  Fineface Tasie & G.I.K. Tasie 

9. Waste Pollution and Environmental Ethics in Aba, Abia State By A.R.O. Kilani 

10. The Impact of Christian Missionaries on Oyo Empire 1893-1960 By Adedeji Matthew Adedayo &  Adebayo Victor Ogunbadejo 

11. Comparative Analysis of Political and Administrative Crisis in Nigeria: By  Sunday Okungbowa  Uhunmwuangho, PhD & Philomena Urhoghide, PhD 

12. Between Aburi and Abuja Accords: An Inquisition into the Paradox Called Nigeria By Izu, Iroro Stephen & Obriki, Sylbriks G. 

13. Post-colonial theory in literary criticism: the post-colonial trends in Soyinka’s Death and the king’s horseman By Ikiroma-Owiye, S. J. PhD 

14. Privatization and Service Quality in Nigeria: A Case Study of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) By  Justin-Ugo, Oluchi Cynthia & Unufe, Edono Joseph 

15. The Impact of Colonialism and Foreign Religions on Contemporary African Cultural Values  By Ayegunle, Isaac Olusola 

16. The Effect of Globalization on African Traditional Religious Rituals By Innocent Ogbonna Nweke, PhD 

17. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS): Lessons from Nigeria’s Response and Rewards By Benibo, Tonye Diepiriye & Prof. Kingdom E. Orji 

18. The Rule of Law and Democracy in Nigeria By Kenneth Nweke, PhD  & Ken Nwoko 

19. An Appraisal of the Impact of the Nigeria Civil War on Opobo Kingdom 1967-2003 By Tuonimi E. Oko-Jaja & Professor Kingdom E. Orji 

20. Dynamics of Teaching Art in 21st Century in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects By Nwombu, Ugochukwu Kingsley PhD 

21. Morality in Igbo Cosmology: The Role of Ani, the Earth-Goddess. By Christian O. Ele, PhD