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Volume 6, No. 4

1. The Future of the Nigerian State: A View from a Democratic Stance. By Farouk Ibrahim Bibi-Farouk, PhD & Ishaka Dele

2. In Support of Tongues: A Life Between Eleme and English By  Obari Gomba

3. Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in Nigeria By Ibimilua, Foyeke Omoboye

4. Religious Issues in Gestational Surrogacy in Nigeria By Cyril Osilama Adamu PhD & Valentine Adetayo Inagbor

5. Conceptualizing Female Folks as Predominates in Traditional Pottery Production: The Buan Experience By Tam-George, Charlotte Aaron & J.J. Umoh

6. Citizen Diplomacy and Xenophobia: The Nigerian Diaspora in South Africa By Nyewusira, Chituru

7. The Functions and Applications of African Music and Musical Instruments By Evangeline B. Giami PhD

8. Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Attitude towards Marriage among Residents of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. By Joseph Oke Omoro PhD & Balogun Morakinyo Oladimeji PhD

9. A Discursive Analyses and the Challenges and Prospects of Oboburu Pottery Industry in Ogbaland, ONELGA, Rivers State By Archi, Chukwumela Felix & J.J. Umoh

10. On the Unity of Conceptual Strands of the Self: Perspectives in Igbo Ontology By Charles Ikechukwu Okoro & Jude Godwins, PhD

11. Encouraging Creative Individualism and Visual Language Development in Nigerian Art Productions By Elenwo, Morrison PhD

12. Galileo Galilei’s Experimental Discourse: Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science By  Christian C. Emedolu PhD

13.  Tourism and Economic Values of National War Museum in Nigeria: The Experience of National War Museum Umuahia By Amadi-Ikpa Lemchi Lucky

14.  Historicizing the Bakassi Peninsula Tussle in Retrospect. By Ikaonaworio Eferebo, PhD

15.  Reparation as an Option in African Foreign Relations. By Onwuka, Oyibo Goddey & Ehimatie Amaechi

16. The “New Oil”: Strategies for Harnessing Its Potentials for the Repositioning Of Nigerian Economy By Olanrewaju Aladeitan, PhD, Ereke Ernest, Ph.D, & Ogbu Collins, M.Sc.

17. Nigerian Economy under Democratic Rule and the Impact of Capital Market on its Growth By Waya, Abayomi Folorunso

18. Strategic Decolonisation: A New Vista for Africa’s Diplomacy  By Jaja Victory Tamunobelema & Emmanuel Obuah