Volume 9 No 1

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  • 1. Organizational Work Group Behaviour and Implications for Managers in Organizations By Okere Loveday, PhD, Amadi, Celestine Chukwuemeka, PhD & Moses Welimi Okankwu, PhD
  • 2. Christianity and The Challenges of Kidnapping and Banditry in Nigeria By Johnwealthy Jacob Wobodo, PhD & Emmanuel Nheeme PhD
  • 3. Strategic Significance of the Deconstruction of Hate Speech Phenomenon in Contemporary Nigeria: A Conceptual Discourse By Osaghae John Osemwengie & Osaghae Felix Sado Osayande
  • 4. The Crisis of National Security: Implications of Almajiri System in Northern Nigeria By Mohammed Abubakar Ahmad, PhD & Muhammad Bashir Alkali, PhD
  • 5. Playwriting: Therapies and Prophecies, Finding Meanings in Ola Rotimi’s The Gods Are Not to Blame By Daniel Kpodoh & Olalekan F. Olatunji
  • 6. Paradigm Shift in the Methodist Charismatic Praxis in Nigeria By Ugwa James Kalu
  • 7. Political Leadership Struggle in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: An Ethno-Religious Analysis By Newman Emmanuel Ubani, PhD
  • 8. Style Et Ecart Syntaxique Dans Un Texte Poetique : Cas De Cinq Poemes Choisis De “De Coups De Pilon” De David Diop Par Barine Okoro Diinee et Dele Adegboku, PhD
  • 9. The Funding of the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970 by the Niger Delta Resources By Brian Etire, PhD.
  • 10. The Funding of the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970 by the Niger Delta Resources By Brian Etire, PhD, Friday, Philippe Gwung Et Egwu, Jane Ifeoma PhD
  • 11. Religious Dialogue as an Instrument for Promoting Peaceful Co-Existence in Nigeria By Ayodele Margaret Olanireti PhD
  • 12. Religion and Politics in Nigeria: Products of A Twisted Value System By Stephen Egwuatu Amadi, Ph.D.
  • 13. Citizen Primacy in Niger Delta’s Development Aspiration: Challenging Existing Status Quo By Obriki, Sylbriks G.
  • 14. Economic Diversification and Innovation: Some Policy Lessons for Post Covid Africa. By Washington N. Opara, PhD
  • 15. Achieving Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Reinvigorating The Centrality of Gender Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment By Isaac Onwudiwe Omeje & Nnamdi Green Nwaoha
  • 16. A Phenomenological Discourse of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s Matigari By Peace Ibala Amala Ph.D & Tarikiye E. Angaye
  • 17. Relations of Quasi Communities: A Case Study of Okoloba – Seibokoragha (Sabagreia) By Ugo, Yenimikikuro
  • 18. La conceptualisation littéraire du militantisme : un regard analytique des oeuvres d’Ahmadou Kourouma et d’Emmanuel Dongala. Par Nsijilem Benjamin Nnamdi Et Ante James Eteka, PhD
  • 19. Mythical Symbols in Opobo Nwaotam By Tamunoiyowuna Andrew-Jaja, PhD & Henry L. Bell-Gam
  • 20. Comparative Ideological and Other Alternative Conceptions of Social Justice for Public and Social Order By Afe. Anthony Asekhauno, PhD & Araziua, Dennis Owenorisiede
  • 21. An Appraisal of Healthcare Donor Supports and Nigerian National Development By Shidali Nasiru; PhD & Maiye B. Olusegun
  • 22. Political Culture and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic By & Izu, Iroro S., PhD
  • 23. Adaptation of Appliqué Design in Ohafia Cultural Symbolism By Ezikpe, Celestina Nnalu & C. C. Chukueggu
  • 24. British Imperialist Conquest of Bormi and the Martyredom of Caliph Attahiru I in The Twentieth Century By Adamu Babayo Usman
  • 25. Banditry Threat in the Northwest: Implications for National Development. By Cyprian Nwankwo & Zaka Peter Ahuche PhD.
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