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Volume 5

1. The Nature of Power and Factors Shaping Nigeria’s Foreign Policy By Sunday Owen Abang, PhD

2. Inter Group Conflict in Jos, 1947 – 1991: Beyond Ethno-Religious Explanation By Sunday Owen Abang, PhD

3. A Study of the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan And Conflict Management By Chibuzor C. Nwobueze, PhD 

4. Funding of Political Parties in Nigeria: Implications for Party Politics Stability By Abraham T. O. Stewart, PhD 

5. How to Curb Acts of Impunity by the Nigeria Police Force against Defenseless Citizens By Agha Eresia-Eke PhD 

6. Exploring the Concept of Art Theories and Art Practice in Africa By  Sotonye Allen Orubu

7. The International Community, Corruption and Challenges of Whistleblowing in Nigeria By Adeniji, Adeyinka Samson, PhD   

8. Improving the Quality of Nomadic Education in Nigeria for Value Reorientation and National Development By Emmanuel C. Ibara, PhD 

9. From Stunted Vision to Aborted Mission: Critical Appraisal of Infrastructures and Due Process in Nigerian Educational System By Musa Salihu Ibori. PhD 

10. Joshua’s Declaration (Joshua 24:15) Religious Authenticity in Nigeria in the Face of Syncretism, Hypocrisy and Conversion By Eluke, Patrick 

11. Ex-Slaves and Christian Presence in Nigeria By Wilson Eze Ehianu, PhD 

12. Expression of Niger Delta Colourful Scenery: A Studio Exploration with Enamel Paint Report By Sotonye Allen Orubu


14. The Law as a Tool in the Eradication of Corruption in Contemporary Nigerian Society. By Barr Emmanuel Imuetinyan Obarisiagbon 

15. The Contributions of Leopold Von Ranke and Leonardo da Vinci in the Development of Scientific History and Art History By  Amadi, Chidi

16. Design History Study and Technological Transformation in Nigeria By Ajie, Orike Ngozi, 

17. Historicizing the Action Film Genre in Nollywood: A Critical Reading of Teco Benson’s Mission to Nowhere. By Iloma Nyenwemaduka Richard 

18. The Impact of Social Welfare Policies and the Menace of Insurgence in Nigeria By Osagie Joseph Egharevba 

19. Philosophy: A Pathway to National Security in Nigeria By  Ijeoma Ene, M.A. 

20. Sales of Land in Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality: A Response to Changing Pattern of Land Tenure System and Acquisition By Mbadiwe Jeremiah PhD 

21. From the Lagos Plan of Action (LPA) to the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD). What Went Wrong? By Chris Akani

22. Towards A Feminist Theatre in Nigeria: ulie oh’s Closed Doors Examined By John Ebimobowei Yeseibo, Ph.D 

23. The Role of Labour in Agricultural Production in Colonial East and West Africa. By Preye Torru Dr, Preye Toru

24. Miss Sophie Odunlami-Ajayi: The First Apostle of Divine Healing In Yorubaland By Olugbemi Victoria Kikelomo PhD 

25. Tithing In Contemporary Christian Discourse: A New Testament Perspective By Bismarck Nosakhare Efe

1. Internal Colonialism in Nigeria: The Case of the Ijo in Edo State By Henchard B. Erezene, PhD

2. Agricultural Projects And Programmes in River State: The Missing Link  By Mbadiwe Jeremiah PhD

3. Conflict Expression and Resolution in Nigeria: The Church’s Involvement By Jones Ugochukwu Odili

4. Currency Systems in Africa: From Early Time Up To 1948 By Maekae, Job PhD

5. Ekpeye Nation: Towards Collective Consciousness for Development The Peace Imperative By Vincent Elemanya Ahamefule

6. French Language Development and Governance in the Nigeria Immigration Service By Nnanna Roseline N.

7.John the Baptist’s Message of Repentance and Its Lessons in the Quest for Peace in Nigeria By Amakiri, Metong Eustace

8. The History and Culture of the Osu Caste System of Eastern Nigeria: A Reflection By Ogbari C.C. Ama-Ogbari

9. The Nature of Power and Factors Shaping Nigeria’s Foreign Policy By Sunday Owen Abong, PhD

10. Kant on the Forms of Sensibility: An Exposition By Obah, Remigius Achinike PhD

11. Transition of Teachers’ Training College Library, Rivers State College of Education Library to Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Library By Nnenda W. Tom-George (CLN)

12. What Has Athens Got To Do With Jerusalem”? The Relevance of the Humanities and Social Sciences to Polytechnics in Nigeria By Ndidi Justice Gbule, PhD

13. Design Trends in the Development of Automobile Industries By Ajie, Orike Ngozi

14. Humanities as a Catalyst for Human Capital Development By Ijeoma Ene

15. The Quest for Morality and Social Justice in Festus Iyayi’s Violence and the Contract By Christian Chidi Ukagu PhD

16. Widowhood Cultural Practices in Etche  By Amaechi Reginald

17. Caste System and Social Inequality:  By Joseph Oke Omoro

18. Nollywood Filmmaker as a Historian By Charles Okwuowulu PhD

19. Photography as Illustrative Medium in Promoting Tourism in Rivers State, Nigeria By Nwombu, Ugochukwu Kingsley

20. The Church and the Social Media: A tool for Expansion or a means of Distraction. By Eche, Godwin Aturuchi

21. Implementing Entrepreneurship Education in South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. By Emmanuel C. Ibara, PhD

22. The Role of Agriculture in Rural Development By Ekpu, Christopher Ehizefua Esq PhD

23. The Place of Women in Nigeria Change By Akinwumi Olatunji Samuel

24. Masculinity and Femininity By John Ebimobowei Yeseibo, Ph.D

25. Sustaining Textile and Fashion through Vocational Skill Acquisition for Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria. By Charity Chinnah

26. Perception of Parents and Teachers towards Sex Education in Nigeria By Michael Irabor Ibiezugbe Ph.D.

27. The Role of Labour in Agricultural Production in Colonial East and West Africa. By Emeka Ikechi, PhD

28. Satirization of Independent African States in Gabriel Okara’s The Voice By Emeka Ikechi, PhD

1. Ethics and Natural Law: A Critique of Thomas Aquinas. By Tamunosiki V. Ogan PhD 

2. State Police and Proliferation of Arms in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges. By Chris Akani, PhD 

3. Election Management and Security Challenges in Nigeria. By Okputu, Simon Ogana 

4. The Anglo-Nigeria Defence Pact: Issues, Implications and Lessons For The Future. By Agaba Halidu PhD 

5. Knighthood in the Church Of Nigeria Anglican Communion: Challenges and Prospects. By Metong Eustace Amakiri 

6. Religion, Society and Development in the 21st Century Africa By Esowe, By Dimgba Dimgba PhD 

7. Cross-Border Economic Flows across Nigeria’s International Boundaries By Otora, Osmond Agbor 

8. Examination of the Management of Public Funds in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) By Ogbuagu, Edith Nkechi 

9. Indigenous Mechanisms for the Conservation of the Ecosystem: The Ikwerre and Abua Examples By Rowland Olumati PhD 

10. Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) As a Machinery in Local Government Administration in Nigeria By Larry, Steve Ibuomo

11. Social Analysis of Militancy in Niger-Delta, South-South Nigeria  By Alenkhe Odianosen Augustine

12. The Musical Relevance of Yaa Ceremony in Ogoni Communities of Rivers State, Nigeria By Ezebube, Augustina Chizoba 

13. Religion and Gender Perspective in Yoruba Traditional Culture: Gains and Challenges By Coker, Kehinde Olakunle, 

14. Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism in Northern Nigeria By Wilson Eze Ehianu PhD 

15. The Use Of Σιωπων and Κωφοσ In Luke 1:5-25 In Clarifying Themisconceptions about the True State of  Zechariah’s Impediment By Bismarck Nosakhare Efe 

16. Women on Black: A Study of Widowhood Practices in Ikwerre and the Need for Change  By Grace Lawrence-Hart, PhD 

17. Slavery And Slave Trade In Ndokiland, 1600-1900. By Ihute Nkemakolam Ulonna   

1.  Role of Intelligence in Foreign Policy Formulation By Assimie, Monima Opiriba & Kingdom Orji

2. Corruption as a Major Obstacle to Stability and Good Governance in Nigeria By M.A Chigbo PhD

3. Symmetries and Dissimilarities in Matrilineal Practises among the Cross River Igbo, 1900-1999 By Charles Okeke Okoko, PhD

4. Mainstreaming Women August Meeting In Southeastern Nigeria towards Community Development  By Nwankwo, Samuel C. PhD

5.  A Philosophical Assessment of the Effects of Pentecostalism on the Religious and Socio-Economic Landscape of Nigeria  By John Clerk Koko PhD

6.  A Survey of Support for Liberal Democratic Values within the Nigerian Public By Imuetinyan, Festus. PhD

7.  Charlatanism and Ethical Lipservice: The Pedantry in Youth Empowerment By Charles Okeke Okoko, PhD & Chidi Ejikeme Osuagwu, PhD

8.  Colonial and Post Colonial Economic Developments in Egbema Society of Niger Delta Hinterland By Frank Amugo

9.  Imachi Nkwu among Ndi – Igbo: A Source of Capital Formation By kechukwu Cosmas Ahamefule, PhD

10. A Critique of Dependency Theory and Foreign Aid in Zimbabwe By Ugo Yenimikikuro

11. Issues in Nigeria’s Federalism Before 1967: Resources Control, Minority Question, Democratization and Elections By Michael Aloye Orieso PhD & Charles Osarenomase Osarumwense

12. Literacy as Social Reform, National Security and Development By Agha Eresia-Eke, PhD

13. Queen Iden and the Benin Kingdom By Ebuka-Onuoha Pat Iziengbe By Ebuka-Onuoha Pat Iziengbe

14. Reformative Role of Skill Acquisition and Careers in Visual Arts towards Poverty Reduction in Nigeria By Omuaru, C. G.T. PhD

15. The Executive, Presidential and Parliamentary forms of government: Operational conceptualization into its reality. By Abraham T. O. Stewart, PhD.

16. The Role of Parliamentary Staff and Legislative Aides in the Bill Process of the National Assembly By Ishaka Dele

17. The Role of Women in Civil Struggle, Leadership and Peace-Building Network in Africa By Sambo Johnson Madigwe

18. Transcending Ethnicity in Nigeria’s Political Configurations By Tamunosiki V. Ogan PhD

19.  Women As Preys And Predators: Reflections On The Yala Women Experience By Patrick O. Odey

20. The Historical Relevance of Obolo Women Crafts since the Pre-Colonial Period By Romokere Mgbowaji Benson, PhD

21. Text and Context: A Correlative Study of Youth Restiveness in Ahmed Yerima’s Hard Ground and the Omoku Experience  By Amiriheobu, Frank Ifeanyichukwu

22. Historical Overview of Gospel Light International Ministries and Its Socialization Influence in Edo State, Nigeria By  Matthew Omoruyi OtasowiE PhD & Lateef Kayode Adeyemo PhD

Volume 6

1. Election, Security and Development Crisis in Nigeria By Chris Akani

2.  Détente in International Diplomacy: Why the Major World Powers Choose the Path of Peace By Peter S. Equere PhD

3. Negotiation with Terrorists: Strategies and challenges  By Asimiea, Opiriba Monima

4. Sense and Nonesense in the Oedipus And Matrilineal Complexes: A Comparative Analysis, 1900-2000  By Charles Okeke Okoko, PhD

5. The Dominance of Violence in Colonial Africa: Reasons and Effects By Ikedichi Jaren Uwazierem

6.  Understanding the Ogoni Bill of Rights By George Komi 

7. The Symbols and Process of Traditional Marriage of Ekpeye People By Victor .O. A. Elleh

8. Celebrating Unforgettable Excellence in Governance In Challenging Times, 2007-2009:  By Uwazierem, Ikedichi Jaren

9. Gleaning Environmental Thoughts from the History of Philosophy By Felix Ayemere Airoboman PhD

10. Revenue Allocation in Nigeria’s Federalism: Issues, Challenges and Way Forward By Ekpu, Christopher E. Esq. PhD

11. Clientelism, Corruption and Informal Markets in Nigeria’s Political and Economic Development By Sambo Johnson Madigwe

12. The Concept of Divine Healing In the Theology of James: By Ayegunle I.O

13. Interrogating the Challenges and Options of Effective Policing of Elections in the Fourth Republic By Ntui, Daniel Okorn

14. Evaluation of the Impact Of Culture on the Religious Life of the People of Isreal By Jaja, Mac Afisa PhD

15. Technology and Scientific Modernization and Changes in Opobo Kingdom. By Dr. Mac Afisa Jaja

16. An Assessment of Anti – Corruption Mechanisms in the Nigerian Public Sector: By Imuetinyan, Festus Ph.D

17. Impact of Social Studies Education in Curbing Abortion as a Social Problem in Nigeria By Daramola Clement Oladayo PhD

1. Religion: Veritable Tool in Re-Engineering the Whole Drapery of the Nigerian Commonwealth By Casimir Peter Uyanga PhD

2. A Reassessment of Urban Development in Pre-Colonial Niger Delta of Nigeria By Ikaonaworio Eferebo, PhD

3. Diplomatic Machinery in Pre-Colonial Nigeria: A Study of the Benin Royal Court as an Instrument of Diplomacy (1180-1897)  By Williams Ehizuwa Orukpe

4. The Idea and Practice of Dispute Resolution in Pre-Colonial Niger Delta: A Case Study of the Ijaw Society By Eweke, E. Emmanuel

5. Cultural dynamism and household sustainability in Benin City By Alenkhe Odianonsen Augustine & Odudu Solomon

6. Domestic policy and foreign policy: A Critical Analysis of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy under civilian Rule, 1979-1983  By Charles Osarenomase Osarumwense PhD

7. Moral Degeneration in Nigerian Society: Overt Cases and Implications. By Christian O. Ele, Ph.D

8. Opobo Egwenga, Egwenga Opobo: The Sea Port Of King Jaja of Opobo By Edna Adagogo-Brown, PhD

9. Film, Media Indigenization, and Popular Culture By Ibe Ogbobuike Ibe

10. A Reflections of David Hume’s Problem Of “Is” “Ought” In Nigeria’s Education System: Implication for Moral Education. By Idibia Christian Amechi

11. A Preliminary Study of Ema Dance in Okpe and Uvwie  By Onyenye Peace Temabor & Igbi Oghenemudiakevwe, PhD

12. Corruption and Good Governance: The Imperative of Effective Leadership in Africa. By Oluwasanmi Ayodele Charles 

13. Iman Ibom Elite and Sustainable Development of Nigeria since the Colonial Period By Uwem Jonah Akpan, PhD

14. The Role of Music in the Celebration of New Yam Festival in Agulu in Precolonial and Modern Times By Offor Ndubuaku 

15. The Age Grade in Pre-Colonial Socio-Political Organization of Okun Yoruba of North Central Nigeria By Ekundayo Aduke PhD By Ekundayo Aduke PhD

16. The Analysis of Children’s Music in Selected Primary Schools in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State. By Ugoji, Nkemakola

17. Managers’ Skills Building for Effective Management of Organizations in Nigeria By Loveday Okere, PhD

18. The Influence of Religion on Culture in African Society By Aniekan Etim Nana PhD

19. Commercial Rivalries, Warfare, Politics, Alliances, and Diplomacy in Precolonial Orashi Region. By Osaih, Rufus & Professor John H. Enemugwem

20. Politics of Oil Compensation in Ogbia Kingdom: 1956-2016  By Osusu O.O. PhD

21. Soren Kierkegaad’s Dialectics Vis- A- Vis ‘’One’’ Emancipating Himself From the ‘’Crowd’’ A Panacea for the problem of an African Man as a second class human being. By Innocent Nweke PhD

22. Interrogating Corruption in Nigeria Development through Drama: A Synergistic Approach By Adeniyi Temitope Olorunsomo & O.J. Zacchaeus 

23. Nigeria’s New Emerging Corruption Architecture By Sakiemi A. Idoniboye-Obu, PhD

24. Cost of Election Litigation and The Quest for Justice in Nigeria: Who Bears The Brunt? By Akinlade Marcus Temitayo.

25. Conceptions of Popular Culture: Frankfurt vs. Birmingham By Ibe Ogbobuike Ibe 

26. Urbanisation in the Lower Cross River Region: 1882-1960 By Uwem Jonah Akpan & Susan Ikwo Iseyin 

27. Sacrifice In Some Religions, a Global Perspective By Matthew Omoruyi Otasowie PhD

1.  Indigenous Training and Learning Among the Agbaelu People of Central Igboland, Nigeria By Nneka Basilia Duruoma  

2. ‘‘ONWE’’ AND ITS UNIQUENESS IN IGBO CONCEPT OF THE SELF By Charles Ikechukwu Okoro, Boniface E. Nwigwe (Prof.) & Christian C. Emedolu, Ph.D 

3. British Incursion and the Establishment of Colonial Rule in Ekitiland 1893- 1958 By Jonathan Oluropo Familugba, Rotimi Omonijo & Olatomide Emmanuel Babalola

4. Global Trends In Social Ethics and Development Towards Cybercrime in South West, Nigeria By  Folorunso, Christianah Omowamide & Ogunbayo Segun 

5. Consequences of Unemployment Among Graduates By Augustine N. Anyamene PhD 

6. Federal Character Principle as an Instrument of National Integration in the Nigeria Public Bureaucracy  By Philomena .I. Urhoghide & Maria Oyedeji 

7. Indigenous African Religions as an Antidote to the Problem of Corruption: An Expose’ of the Nigeria Situation  By Valentine Adetayo Inagbor 

8. Symbolism in Ali-Isiokpo Priesthood By  Fineface Tasie & G.I.K. Tasie 

9. Waste Pollution and Environmental Ethics in Aba, Abia State By A.R.O. Kilani 

10. The Impact of Christian Missionaries on Oyo Empire 1893-1960 By Adedeji Matthew Adedayo &  Adebayo Victor Ogunbadejo 

11. Comparative Analysis of Political and Administrative Crisis in Nigeria: By  Sunday Okungbowa  Uhunmwuangho, PhD & Philomena Urhoghide, PhD 

12. Between Aburi and Abuja Accords: An Inquisition into the Paradox Called Nigeria By Izu, Iroro Stephen & Obriki, Sylbriks G. 

13. Post-colonial theory in literary criticism: the post-colonial trends in Soyinka’s Death and the king’s horseman By Ikiroma-Owiye, S. J. PhD 

14. Privatization and Service Quality in Nigeria: A Case Study of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) By  Justin-Ugo, Oluchi Cynthia & Unufe, Edono Joseph 

15. The Impact of Colonialism and Foreign Religions on Contemporary African Cultural Values  By Ayegunle, Isaac Olusola 

16. The Effect of Globalization on African Traditional Religious Rituals By Innocent Ogbonna Nweke, PhD 

17. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS): Lessons from Nigeria’s Response and Rewards By Benibo, Tonye Diepiriye & Prof. Kingdom E. Orji 

18. The Rule of Law and Democracy in Nigeria By Kenneth Nweke, PhD  & Ken Nwoko 

19. An Appraisal of the Impact of the Nigeria Civil War on Opobo Kingdom 1967-2003 By Tuonimi E. Oko-Jaja & Professor Kingdom E. Orji 

20. Dynamics of Teaching Art in 21st Century in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects By Nwombu, Ugochukwu Kingsley PhD 

21. Morality in Igbo Cosmology: The Role of Ani, the Earth-Goddess. By Christian O. Ele, PhD 

1. The Future of the Nigerian State: A View from a Democratic Stance. 

2. In Support of Tongues: A Life Between Eleme and English 

3. Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in Nigeria 

4. Religious Issues in Gestational Surrogacy in Nigeria 

5. Conceptualizing Female Folks as Predominates in Traditional Pottery Production: The Buan Experience 

6. Citizen Diplomacy and Xenophobia: The Nigerian Diaspora in South Africa

7. The Functions and Applications of African Music and Musical Instruments 

8. Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Attitude towards Marriage among Residents of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. 

9. A Discursive Analyses and the Challenges and Prospects of Oboburu Pottery Industry in Ogbaland, ONELGA, Rivers State 

10. On the Unity of Conceptual Strands of the Self: Perspectives in Igbo Ontology 

11. Encouraging Creative Individualism and Visual Language Development in Nigerian Art Productions

12. Galileo Galilei’s Experimental Discourse: Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science 

13.  Tourism and Economic Values of National War Museum in Nigeria: The Experience of National War Museum Umuahia 

14.  Historicizing the Bakassi Peninsula Tussle in Retrospect. 

15.  Reparation as an Option in African Foreign Relations. 

16. The “New Oil”: Strategies for Harnessing Its Potentials for the Repositioning Of Nigerian Economy 

17. Nigerian Economy under Democratic Rule and the Impact of Capital Market on its Growth 

18. Strategic Decolonisation: A New Vista for Africa’s Diplomacy 

Volume 7

1. The Political Economy of Citizenship Contestation in Nigeria: A Study of the Fourth Republic By Umearokwu Uchenna, Chukwuemeka PhD 

2. Women and Conflict in the Niger Delta By Bridget Oghale Omoruyi 

3. Self-help Projects in Rural Otegbo Community in Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria By  Veta, Oghenechoja Dennis PhD 

4. Cardinal Erekosima Rex Jim Lawson “The Highlife Legend” By Georgewill Kinye Oribim 

5. Human Resource Approaches to Improving Competitiveness in Nigerian Organizations By Amadi, Celestine Chukwuemeka PhD, Adiela Joy Lucky PhD, Loveday Okere PhD 

6. A Sociological View of the Role of Christian Family in Nation Building in Contemporary Nigeria By Odudele Rotimi, PhD 

7. Effect of Foreign Agricultural Aid and Corruption on Agricultural Growth in Nigeria 2002-2013. By Waya, Abayomi Folorunso 

8. Dialogue: A Veritable Tool for Promoting the Culture of Peaceful Coexistence among Various Religious Groups in Nigeria By Adigun Wasilat Fayokemi PhD 

9. The Influence of Religion on Obaship Crisis in Awo-Ekiti By Mufutau Olusola, Bello PhD 

10. The Nexus between the Manufacturing Sub-Sector and Economic Growth in Nigeria: 1981-2018 By Olawumi, O.R. PhD 

11. Polygyny Family and Girl-Child Education in Southwest, Nigeria By Fasiku, Adesola Mercy PhD 

12. International Relations and Diplomacy in Nation Building: The Nigeria Experience By Asimiea Opiriba M. 

13. Indigenous Colonialism In Nigeria: A Case Study of Nupe Over-Rule in Okun Yoruba Land; By Oshadare, Olabodi Timothy PhD 

14.  Infrastructural Development in Nigeria, 1960-2015: An Interrogation of Nigeria Socio-economic growth By Abiodun William Duyile, PhD 

15.  Kidnapping, Armed Banditry, Oil Theft, Cybercrime and Their Implications on Nigeria’s Socio-Economic and Political Development By Sambo Johnson Madigwe 

16 The Place of Creative Arts and Design in Entrepreneural Education For Nation Building. By Jonah, Ike Godspower 

17. Constructive Decision Making: The Essence of Manager’s Job for Organizational Survival in Nigeria By Itong Awani PhD 

18. The Nexus of Democratic Institution, Development and National Security in Nigeria By Ernest Erreke, 

19. Apostle Paul’s Ministry and Virtual Space in the 21st Century  By Udeme Bassey Asanga 

20. Coping with the Covid-19 Lock Down in Nigerian Families: Challenges and Opportunities By Emmanuel Chimezie Eyisi PhD, Ofili, Frederick Iwendi PhD 

21. Evolution of Political Structure in Benin Kingdom from Pre-Dynastic Period to the End of Interregnum By Victor Osahon Aiguobarueghian 

22. Trade Relations between the Annang and the Aro of South-Eastern Nigeria in the Pre-Colonial Period By Emmanuel Toby 

23. Measurement and Decision-Making Criteria in Personnel Selection and Organizational Efficiency in Nigeria By Philonic Ariri PhD 

24. A Socio-Musical Discourse of the Impact of Recreational Music in Umunede: A Case of Egwu Onwa By Onyenye, Peace Temabor & Onwuebuzie Deborah Oluchukwu 

25. Warfare and Diplomacy in the Cross River Region Before 1900 By Uwem Jonah Akpan, PhD 

26. Development as Security: Praxis and Prospects of the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria By Izu, Iroro Stephen & Obriki, Sylbriks G. 

27. Perspective of Research: Towards A Deeper Understanding By Ojule, Emmanuel S.C. & Sogules, Maudline A. 

28. Arts Practices: A Catalyst for Curbing Youth Restiveness and Its Consequences on Ikwerre Cultural Ceremonies By Amadi-Ikpa Lemchi Lucky 

29. Augustinian Political Philosophy: Implications for Covid-19 Pandemic Governance By Iwarimie B. Uranta PhD