Volume 6, No 1

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  • 1. Election, Security and Development Crisis in Nigeria By Chris Akani
  • 2. Détente in International Diplomacy: Why the Major World Powers Choose the Path of Peace By Peter S. Equere PhD
  • 3. Negotiation with Terrorists: Strategies and challenges By Asimiea, Opiriba Monima
  • 4. Sense and Nonesense in the Oedipus And Matrilineal Complexes: A Comparative Analysis, 1900-2000 By Charles Okeke Okoko, PhD
  • 5. The Dominance of Violence in Colonial Africa: Reasons and Effects By Ikedichi Jaren Uwazierem
  • 6. Understanding the Ogoni Bill of Rights By George Komi
  • 7. The Symbols and Process of Traditional Marriage of Ekpeye People By Victor .O. A. Elleh
  • 8. Celebrating Unforgettable Excellence in Governance In Challenging Times, 2007-2009: By Uwazierem, Ikedichi Jaren
  • 9. Gleaning Environmental Thoughts from the History of Philosophy By Felix Ayemere Airoboman PhD
  • 10. A Critique of Dependency Theory and Foreign Aid in Zimbabwe By Ugo Yenimikikuro
  • 11. Clientelism, Corruption and Informal Markets in Nigeria’s Political and Economic Development By Sambo Johnson Madigwe
  • 12. The Concept of Divine Healing In the Theology of James: By Ayegunle I.O
  • 13. Interrogating the Challenges and Options of Effective Policing of Elections in the Fourth Republic By Ntui, Daniel Okorn
  • 14. Evaluation of the Impact Of Culture on the Religious Life of the People of Isreal By Jaja, Mac Afisa PhD
  • 15. Technology and Scientific Modernization and Changes in Opobo Kingdom. By Dr. Mac Afisa Jaja
  • 16. An Assessment of Anti – Corruption Mechanisms in the Nigerian Public Sector: By Imuetinyan, Festus Ph.D
  • 17. Impact of Social Studies Education in Curbing Abortion as a Social Problem in Nigeria By Daramola Clement Oladayo PhD
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