Volume 5, No 1

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  • 1. The Nature of Power and Factors Shaping Nigeria’s Foreign Policy By Sunday Owen Abang, PhD
  • 2. Inter Group Conflict in Jos, 1947 – 1991: Beyond Ethno-Religious Explanation By Sunday Owen Abang, PhD
  • 3. A Study of the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan And Conflict Management By Chibuzor C. Nwobueze, PhD
  • 4. Funding of Political Parties in Nigeria: Implications for Party Politics Stability By Abraham T. O. Stewart, PhD
  • 5. How to Curb Acts of Impunity by the Nigeria Police Force against Defenseless Citizens By Agha Eresia-Eke PhD
  • 6. Exploring the Concept of Art Theories and Art Practice in Africa By Sotonye Allen Orubu
  • 7. The International Community, Corruption and Challenges of Whistleblowing in Nigeria By Adeniji, Adeyinka Samson, PhD
  • 8. Improving the Quality of Nomadic Education in Nigeria for Value Reorientation and National Development By Emmanuel C. Ibara, PhD
  • 9. From Stunted Vision to Aborted Mission: Critical Appraisal of Infrastructures and Due Process in Nigerian Educational System By Musa Salihu Ibori. PhD
  • 10. Joshua’s Declaration (Joshua 24:15) Religious Authenticity in Nigeria in the Face of Syncretism, Hypocrisy and Conversion By Eluke, Patrick
  • 11. Ex-Slaves and Christian Presence in Nigeria By Wilson Eze Ehianu, PhD
  • 12. Expression of Niger Delta Colourful Scenery: A Studio Exploration with Enamel Paint Report By Sotonye Allen Orubu
  • 14. The Law as a Tool in the Eradication of Corruption in Contemporary Nigerian Society. By Barr Emmanuel Imuetinyan Obarisiagbon
  • 15. The Contributions of Leopold Von Ranke and Leonardo da Vinci in the Development of Scientific History and Art History By Amadi, Chidi
  • 16. Design History Study and Technological Transformation in Nigeria By Ajie, Orike Ngozi,
  • 17 Historicizing the Action Film Genre in Nollywood: A Critical Reading of Teco Benson’s Mission to Nowhere. By Iloma Nyenwemaduka Richard
  • 18. The Impact of Social Welfare Policies and the Menace of Insurgence in Nigeria By Osagie Joseph Egharevba
  • 19. Philosophy: A Pathway to National Security in Nigeria By Ijeoma Ene, M.A.
  • 20. Sales of Land in Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality: A Response to Changing Pattern of Land Tenure System and Acquisition By Mbadiwe Jeremiah PhD
  • 21. From the Lagos Plan of Action (LPA) to the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD). What Went Wrong? By Chris Akani
  • 22. Towards A Feminist Theatre in Nigeria: ulie oh’s Closed Doors Examined By John Ebimobowei Yeseibo, Ph.D
  • 23. The Role of Labour in Agricultural Production in Colonial East and West Africa. By Preye Torru Dr, Preye Toru
  • 24. Miss Sophie Odunlami-Ajayi: The First Apostle of Divine Healing In Yorubaland By Olugbemi Victoria Kikelomo PhD
  • 25. Tithing In Contemporary Christian Discourse: A New Testament Perspective By Bismarck Nosakhare Efe
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