Volume 6, No 3

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  • 1. Indigenous Training and Learning Among the Agbaelu People of Central Igboland, Nigeria By Nneka Basilia Duruoma
  • 2. ‘‘ONWE’’ AND ITS UNIQUENESS IN IGBO CONCEPT OF THE SELF By Charles Ikechukwu Okoro, Boniface E. Nwigwe (Prof.) & Christian C. Emedolu, Ph.D
  • 3. British Incursion and the Establishment of Colonial Rule in Ekitiland 1893- 1958 By Jonathan Oluropo Familugba, Rotimi Omonijo & Olatomide Emmanuel Babalola
  • 4. Global Trends In Social Ethics and Development Towards Cybercrime in South West, Nigeria By Folorunso, Christianah Omowamide & Ogunbayo Segun
  • 5. Consequences of Unemployment Among Graduates By Augustine N. Anyamene PhD
  • 6. Federal Character Principle as an Instrument of National Integration in the Nigeria Public Bureaucracy By Philomena .I. Urhoghide & Maria Oyedeji
  • 7. Indigenous African Religions as an Antidote to the Problem of Corruption: An Expose’ of the Nigeria Situation By Valentine Adetayo Inagbor
  • 8. Symbolism in Ali-Isiokpo Priesthood By Fineface Tasie & G.I.K. Tasie
  • 9. Waste Pollution and Environmental Ethics in Aba, Abia State By A.R.O. Kilani
  • 10. The Impact of Christian Missionaries on Oyo Empire 1893-1960 By Adedeji Matthew Adedayo & Adebayo Victor Ogunbadejo
  • 11. Comparative Analysis of Political and Administrative Crisis in Nigeria: By Sunday Okungbowa Uhunmwuangho, PhD & Philomena Urhoghide, PhD
  • 12. Between Aburi and Abuja Accords: An Inquisition into the Paradox Called Nigeria By Izu, Iroro Stephen & Obriki, Sylbriks G.
  • 13. Post-colonial theory in literary criticism: the post-colonial trends in Soyinka’s Death and the king’s horseman By Ikiroma-Owiye, S. J. PhD
  • 14. Privatization and Service Quality in Nigeria: A Case Study of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) By Justin-Ugo, Oluchi Cynthia & Unufe, Edono Joseph
  • 15. The Impact of Colonialism and Foreign Religions on Contemporary African Cultural Values By Ayegunle, Isaac Olusola
  • 16. The Effect of Globalization on African Traditional Religious Rituals By Innocent Ogbonna Nweke, PhD
  • 17. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS): Lessons from Nigeria’s Response and Rewards By Benibo, Tonye Diepiriye & Prof. Kingdom E. Orji
  • 18. The Rule of Law and Democracy in Nigeria By Kenneth Nweke, PhD & Ken Nwoko
  • 19. An Appraisal of the Impact of the Nigeria Civil War on Opobo Kingdom 1967-2003 By Tuonimi E. Oko-Jaja & Professor Kingdom E. Orji
  • 20. Dynamics of Teaching Art in 21st Century in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects By Nwombu, Ugochukwu Kingsley PhD
  • 21. Morality in Igbo Cosmology: The Role of Ani, the Earth-Goddess. By Christian O. Ele, PhD
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